Debretts 500 People of Today Party January 25 2014

Phillip de Pury's fabulous gallery space near Buckingham Palace was a fitting venue for Debretts to launch it's new charitable Foundation and to introduce Debretts' 500 People of Today in conjunction with the Sunday Times. The list published in the Sundays Times, features a cross section of successful individuals from media, politics, commerce and entertainment. It includes such fashion notables as Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham. Entering the beautiful gallery space at Phillips auction house was a bit like arriving at Davos for the Economic Forum. Difficult to move without encountering another inspirational mover and shaker.The Sunday times were kind enough to take Knightsbridge Rocks photograph on arrival but seemed a little underwhelmed when it turned out there wasn't a Duchess among us! With titles every where and magnums of Champagne flowing, making sure our party etiquette was up to scratch was a full time occupation. Fiona Bruce introduced the panel including Lord Nash and the phenomenal theatre producer Sonia Friedman who gave us all an insight into the exceptional nature of those included in the 500. Looking elegant in a belted camel jacket and navy pencil skirt and rocking a pearl and gold Knightsbridge Rocks ring, Joanne Milner, Chief Excecutive of Debretts made a very eloquent speech reminding us of the history of Debrett's and all the positive plans for the future including the new Debretts Foundation presided over by Lord Kirkham. The party continued with more champagne and copious delicate and delicious canapes. Thank you Debretts for treating us royally.