Wimbledon July 02 2013

Wimbledon Tennis Championships, a quintessentially British affair. Unlike it's counterparts the US Open where white teeth and Florida tans dominate the audience or the French Open where understatement is key and the stands always look half empty, Wimbledon has a very British enthusiasm rain or shine. No jaunt to the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet club would be complete without strawberries and cream and jugs of Pimms, which can make the most unseeded of players appear spectacularly good! The best thing about Wimbledon is it's unrelenting style which although now firmly in the hands of that American revisionist, Ralph Lauren, never fails to impress with it's traditional English attire. Officials, linesmen, ball boys, ball girls and umpires all turned out as if for a 1920's knock up at somebodys' stately home. We had fantastic seats in the front row and lots of cheerful banter with our neighbours. A birds eye view. The players and most of the TWAGS (is there such a thing?) are from the Loro Piana school of stealth and sport discreet luxury at all times. Diamond Studs, diamond Tennis bracelets (named after Chris Everts' Diamond Line bracelet came undone during the 1987 US Open forcing play to be suspended until the precious diamonds could be found!!) expensive sporty watches and lots of classic Cartier. Pearls were a winner for the spectators, especially matching sets.