Masterpiece London July 04 2013

Masterpiece is London's premier exhibition of Art, Jewellery and Antiques. Housed in a palatial marquee at The Royal Hospital Chelsea, this extraordinary exhibition presents only the best of the best. Making a beeline for Symbolic & Chase whose vintage collection of jewellery is arguably the finest in the world, we were blown away by the spectacular pieces from coral and jade earrings by David Webb to Sabbas' shield shape diamond ring. The theme of their stand was under the deep blue sea. Dark, dramatic aquariums filled with lively living coral lined the space. This display lead you straight to their prize piece, a huge 64.5 carat pearl. This stunner is reputedly the third largest well formed natural pearl documented today. Its provenance claims it adorned the necks of Empress Isabella of Portugal and Mary Tudor among other ladies of royal renown. Ari Goosen at Siegelson was the next port of call Ari presented a cushion cut 16 carat D Type IIa diamond. Flawless and breathtaking this diamond dazzled with a price tag of 1,000,000. No visit to Masterpiece would be complete without a chat with London jeweller Theo Fennell before viewing his impressive giant chess set adorned with silver and gold felines. Masterpiece is a grown up fair that you never want to leave. You could quite easily live here wandering from one incredible showcase to the next, stopping for breakfast at Le Caprice, lunch at Scotts and dinner at the Ivy. Still feeling a little giddy with the sublime and spectacular array of beauty on show. Truly amazing!!