The Pink Star October 28 2013

The highlights from Sotheby's Geneva and New York sales are a dazzling sight to behold. On Friday afternoon I was lucky enough to try on many of the pieces and get the inside track on these magnificent jewels at Sotheby's London's New Bond Street home. I picked up a degree's worth of knowledge and information on what makes these pieces the very best in the world. The lovely ladies of Sotheby's New York showed us a magnificent Kashmir cabouchon sapphire ring by French maestro JAR, which apparently has no silks but does have a beautiful thread setting and a band of tiny diamonds encompassing your whole finger. Don't you hate it when the diamonds on the band end to soon? Next we saw the 59.60 carat internally flawless vivid pink oval diamond christened the Pink Star Yours for around 60 million dollars if you happen to be in Geneva on the 13th November. Could go more so don't forget to bring your credit card! The rarity of these pieces is illustrated by the gorgeous Pigeon Blood ruby ring from Burma which will sell for 100,000 dollars per carat while the accompanying flawless, D coloured diamond gets thrown in to the deal free! My heart belonged to New York however with an eat your heart out perfectly matched, cabouchon emerald and diamond bangle. Sotheby's offered to leave me locked in for the night as they recognised how big a challenge it was going to be to get it off my wrist!